Sporting Events – Limo Services Oklahoma City

Sporting Event Limo RentalDoesn’t matter if it’s an Oklahoma City Thunder game, Sporting KC soccer game, a NCAA regional basketball tournament or the Super Bowl.  VIP is the PTP for getting you to the Big Game. Count on our team to provide the best game plan for getting your squad to Dallas, Kansas City, Norman, Stillwater and OKC, there and back in the same day. Call VIP Limo today for the ultimate step up in tailgate transportation.

No need to drive late at night with limo services Oklahoma City or Tulsa

Don’t miss the next game because your team is playing a few hours away.  Let VIP Limo handle the driving late at night and deliver your group home safely.

Make sure your limo service Oklahoma City or Tulsa is insured for interstate travel.

When you’re planning to attend a sporting event across state lines, you want to confirm that the limo service you select is reputable and fully insured.  VIP Limo has been in business for over 20 years providing outstanding customer service and has been the recipient of several industry awards.  As one of the only limousine services in Oklahoma that is interstate licensed, VIP Limo can legally transport customers to the surrounding states for events.


In Tulsa call 918.492.5984, in Oklahoma City call 405.752-5466 to reserve your limousine for game day.

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